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Jazz Guitarist, Composer & Arranger

I graduated Berklee College of Music in 1977 with a degree in saxophone performance, and had an active career playing sax and flute from then until 2002. Highlights include years of playing lead alto with the Full Faith and Credit big band, culminating in the recording of the FF&C III album. With my wife, pianist Laura Klein and my ace buddy, saxophonist Dave Tidball, I was part of the jazz sextet Triceratops. I was the evil kingpin behind Three Tenors No Opera, too.

I'd probably still be playing horn today, but in 2002 I developed a movement disorder called focal dystonia, which affected my jaw and compelled me to stop playing winds. At that point I switched to guitar, studying jazz with Duncan James and Steve Erquiaga, and classical with Ron Galen and Pat O'Brien. Since then, I've co-led the FivePlay jazz quintet wife my wife, pianist Laura Klein, releasing four CDs of original, melodic modern jazz.

I also lead and am the Lone Arranger for the Morchestra jazz orchestra, and play M3 guitar in my RPM3 jazz trio.


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