Collaboration in Isolation

The music on this page has been recorded during the coronavirus shutdown of Spring 2020, as an online collaboration of musicians all over the country who have kindly contributed their talents pro bono to this project. What's remarkable about this music is the way it was created: each musician recorded their parts at home and sent them to me to assemble. Magda tracked her bass part in Brooklyn NY, Larry recorded his saxes and woodwinds in Richmond CA, and so on! I collated them in Berkeley CA, and Howard Lindeman mixed in North Carolina. We live in an amazing time, and the creativity of these individuals will not be gainsaid by the circumstances.

The impetus for this project came from Jeremy Goodman's Facebook group Collaboration in Isolation!: Pandemic Pandemonium. If you're a musician looking for collaborators during the shutdown, check it out!

The tracks:

  • Two for the Road (Mancini/Bricuse; arr. Corman) Saxes: Larry De La Cruz; Tpts: John Trombetta; Trombones: Jim Lutz; Piano: Laura Klein; Bass: Tony Corman; Drums: Dave Rokeach; Mix: Howard Lindeman; Special guest vocalist: Jackie Ryan

  • A Night in Tunisia (arr Corman) Saxes: Larry De La Cruz; Tpts: Rich Armstrong; Trombones: Adam Theis; Bass Trombone: Jonathan Seiberlich; Piano: Jeremy Goodman; Guitar: Tony Corman; Bass: Magda Kress; Drums: Dave Rokeach; Mix: Howard Lindeman

  • Buona Sera: (comp/arr Corman) Trumpets: Steffen Kuehn, Bill Ortiz (solo); Saxes: Larry De La Cruz; Trombones: John Gove, Rich Lee; Bass: Chris Trinidad; Guitar: Tony Corman; Piano: Laura Klein; Drums: Dave Rokeach; Mix: Howard Lindeman

  • Hand in Hand: See video for credits