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RPM3 Jazz Trio

M3 guitar in a trio setting! 


What is M3 guitar, you ask? It's a 7-string guitar tuned in major thirds.  If you're a professional guitarist, this makes no sense. It takes years to adjust to the system, no one will ask you to bring it to a gig, you'd need to buy a specialized axe... Totally impractical. But for someone like me, it's a wonderful side project. The tuning yields beautiful close-voice chords a la Johnny Smith, minus the stretching. I also wanted to take on the trio format as a way of forcing myself to be a stronger player, and I wanted the intimacy of the small group. I've been developing a repertoire that I think highlights the strengths and felicities of the M3 system, and I wrote a method book for it. For details, see my M3 guitar web page.


Why "RPM3"? We're the Ralph Patt Memorial Trio: Ralph Patt, a NY studio guitarist, came up with this tuning in the 1930s.

Want to hear M3 guitar in action? Check out the Soundcloud playlist.

Want to hear the band? Check our Facebook page for gig listings.

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